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Friday, May 22, 2009

A day at the Races

They bill it as "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing"

Yes, it is a Great Race.

A Historic Race.

A LOUD Race!

But the Greatest Spectacle..


Well, for Fun Strip Friday I went looking to find out if it truly was worthy of the greatest spectacle clause.

First of all there is this other race.

NASCAR !!! Coca-Cola !!!
It doesn't get much more All American than this!

And if you want a more rich, international flavor...

Ummm apparently it is much more than just a car race!

However, everyone probably knows all this already!


I continued looking for Races that involved everyday stock and materials as well as something you could bring your wife, family and or girlfriend to.

... and this is what I found!

Lawn Mower Races!

The Twelve Mile 500 Riding Lawnmower Race is actually two 60-lap, 15-mile races at the local park -- one for regular lawnmower engines, and the other for "modified" mowers, those whose power trains have been replaced with those of, say, a motorcycle.

See video of the races

Kinetic Races!

The Kinetic Grand Championship bills itself as the oldest race of its kind. It started in 1969 when renowned welding artist Hobart Brown challenged someone to a welded-contraption race in Ferndale, California.

Now, about 40 teams create art of varying complexity and attach it to something that can be pedaled on land and float on water. For the floating part -- the sculptures go into Humboldt Bay on Day 2 -- some have tires big enough for the job. Others rely on pontoons.

North American Wife Carrying Championships!

Teams are comprised of a male and female competitor, however the female does not need to be the legal wife of the male. Teams also have the option to have the male carried by the female if they so choose.

The origin of the competition is based in Finnish history. A notorious 19th century character, Rankainen the Robber, imposed strong physical standards
on men he considered for his band. To qualify, the men had to complete a difficult course with a heavy sack on their backs.
It was also not uncommon for men to steal women from neighboring villages.
The concept is a little archaic - but the modernized wife carrying event is all in fun, and in reality, is a true test of physical strength and agility.


The winners will receive the wife's weight in beer and the wife's weight times 5 in cash!

Of course this weekend would not be complete without
the ultimate cookout...
So, in keeping with the car theme...

RoadKill Cook-Off time, where past years' crowds have sampled dishes like Pothole Possum Stew, Fricasseed Wabbit Gumbo and Smeared Hog with Groundhog Gravy.

So, everyone grab your wife, kids and whatever vehicle you can find and head outside to have some good ol' fashioned fun this weekend.

Be safe, have fun and enjoy!


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