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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moving up

Not that I am an expert or anything... I most certainly am not!

But just for grins, I logged back on to one of the community type sites I reviewed a few months ago called Covestor.

This is a community of ordinary investment traders like myself. The only difference is that the site keeps track of your progress independent of input from you and ranks you against your peers.

Now, I never gave it much thought and certainly did not think I would ever truly break into any sort of ranking system but low and behold I appear to be moving up the board!

Of course I probably just jinxed myself, but who cares anyway...

Too bad this ranking does not count my first couple of trades from January. My ranking might even be a bit better than it currently is.

And, I even have "an investment" follower! Whatever that is?

Guess I should log in more often and participate in the site more than I do.

The first ranking is base on their "sharpe ratio" which is defined as the following:

Here I am ....

And here I am based on my return from inception (when I joined Covestor)...

These rankings were based on early Monday morning and did not include that last couple days of market activity, of which I have had none because I had not yet reinvested my gains from Qdel last week.

So I probably fell back off again, but hey, it was kind of cool seeing this! :-)


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