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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Fantasy Dream...

A few weeks ago I read this article about someone who not only attended a poker tournament, but entered it in an effort to try and win!

Much like the world series of poker and the main event, it required $10K as an entry fee.

That's a lot of money!

And this is probably the reason why I will, sadly, never get a chance to fullfill this dream I have of one day playing in such a poker tournament.

The top prize in this tournament is $8.55 million !!!

That's a lot of money too !

So, as I was reading this article I read something totally facinating and enlightening...

I decided to do what many poker pros do -- get backing. I sought out friends and colleagues willing to put up $500 each. Through their loyalty and stupidity -- I mean, these are folks who would buy oceanfront property in southern Afghanistan...

If he could do this, why can't I?

And I will not even ask for $500 !

Anybody, Anywhere, Any Amount, even just $1 will help me on my quest, my wish, to one day fullfill my dream of entering the main event!

Now, before you laugh, any more...
Or close out your browser... (please keep reading)

Think about this...

If everyone, worst case scenario, donated just $1;
then the 8.55 million would be split 10,000 ways.

Or in other words, everyone could win approximately $850 dollars!

Quick, stand up, flip over that oversized couch cushion and pick up all the change you can find. That's money you weren't going to miss anyway...

So that $1 in change you are now holding in your hand could some day, one day, maybe be worth $855 dollars!

And.. for a mere $10 dollar donation, one could win approximately $8,550 dollars!
And $100 dollars could equate to $85,500!

So, you get the picture.

Here is your chance to share in the dream!

Of course I make absolutely no guarentee that I will win the grand prize, or any at all for that matter.

Which means, that if I do not win anything, then any donations by anybody are completely lost.

But hey, before reading this post, you didn't even have that extra $1 in change you now hold in your hand.

What I do guarentee is this:
- That I will hold any and all money donated in a pool until the time that I have enough to enter the tournament.
- At which point I will enter in the next to be held world series of poker main event with every intent and goal of winning.
- Any winnings, will be divided up based upon your initial donation to the pool.
- In other words, if you donate $1 of the $10,000 entry fee, you get .0001 % back of the prize money won.
- If I die before entering into the main event, my oldest son Eric will enter and play as my delegate.
- I will keep a running tally of funds raised on this site for all to track!

So, what do you say?

Be a part of the Fantasy!

Be a part of the Dream!

All donations accepted and tracked at:


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