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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Good Bill

OK, So as you know from my last post, I was called for Jury Duty.

This was not the "typical" jury duty that everyone thinks of where you get screened by the judge, defense, and prosecution.

No, this was a summons for Grand Jury!

Basically we had nearly 100 indictments to review, along with witnesses (most of which were Police officers or Detectives).

We had to decide (4 out of 6) majority that the indictment presented a reasonable case to go to trial and deem the indictment as a "good bill".
It was actually kind of cool, sobering, and instilled a better appreciation of what law enforcement personnel go through on a daily basis.

Rule #1: If you are a drug addict, dealer or alcoholic; please verify (or continue to not do so) that ALL your brake lights work! I can not tell you how many "repeat" offenders were now Felons because of the this little maintenance item and 3 strikes you're out rule. All because of what started out as a routine traffic stop.

Rule #2: Drug addicts, dealers, and alcoholics rarely are concerned about minor issues as a missing brake light and are actually quite stupid.

Rule #3: After serving this civic duty as grand juror, you will know all the known "hot spots" in your county to avoid and what really goes on at that local hotel.

All in all, I actually enjoyed it, except for hearing about one or two truly hideous crimes, but that, unfortunately goes along with the territory of being a Grand Juror.

OH, and one of our grand jurors was an ex-cop who had been previously selected for 4 regular trial jury selections and turned down each and every single time.

And no, he did not have to claim preggo status. Rather, when asked if he could review a case with an impartial and open mind he replied "Well, I can try...". This always was followed by the quizzical look and question; "Why do you say that?"

His Answer... "In all my years of being a cop, not one person I arrested, and subsequently sent to trial was innocent. Not one. They were all guilty. That is why they were in court. Not because they might be innocent, but because they were guilty and needed to be punished. But, if selected to serve, I guess I can try to think of them as innocent until proven guilty but I just do not see it that way."

He has never been nor will he probably ever be selected for normal jury duty.


Anonymous,  July 29, 2009 at 8:13 AM  


maybe you can sit in on Cheddar Plax's grand jury testimony ;0

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