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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There is no such thing as bad publicity...

except your own obituary. (BRENDAN BEHAN)

Oh yeah?
Just ask MJ estate owners, attorneys and his creditors...
In death, MJ is setting all time record sales for his music and performances. And we all know that hype sells. MJ certainly is not the first, nor will he be the last, artist to be worth more dead than alive.
But I digress...

Perhaps I should have started off with a quote from Oscar Wilde...

"There is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is NOT being talked about."

I saw an article the other day about the NFL, Bad Behavior, and Profits.

I'll briefly summarize:
"The NFL is a machine that hums 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year…The more people read, listen and watch NFL-related items, the better… the transgressions and drama of a select few (like Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, and Brett Favre) fuel that machine… the same goes for criminal behavior…Lately, Burress, Stallworth and Vick have been in the headlines. All three made poor choices. All three faced the legal and league music. But all three also kept the NFL in the news and that's so much the better for them and their bottom line."

So this got me to thinking about other sports. Their image, the image of their players, teams and management and what, if any, impact this has on their profits.

I will rule out stuff like MMA and UFC.

But I will start with Hockey.

A large part of Hockey’s attraction is the speed and intensity of the sport and yes, the ‘fights’.
Does this detract from the image of Hockey being a good sport?
Does this detract or add to the financial success of a team or league?
What about the basically good players with incredible talent?
The Crosby's, the Ovechkin's?

How about Baseball?

Accusations about pitchers targeting certain batters?
Managers charging out of the dugouts arguing a call?
Use of Steroids? And the affect on the record books…
Yes there are the "bad boys" in the field of dreams, but there are a few good ones too.

Manny Acta just got fired. Everyone will say it is because of the performance of his team, and yes the lack talent in key areas (like pitching). But some criticized him for his calm demeanor. When was the last time you saw him charge out of the dugout, veins bulging, and dirt flying?

And yes I believe there are probably some players in every sport who use performance enhancing drugs.

But are good competitive personalities, talent and image good enough? Does any team or league have just the good attributes and still remain profitable?

How about golf?

Certainly the fights, drug use, and bad behavior is less of an issue here. Yet when Tiger is on tour, tournament attendance is up 30%, and TV ratings are up nearly 50%.

So, what are everybody thoughts regarding this?

Yes, the NFL is using a double standard by allowing this kind of behavior to continue. Yet at the same time they try to portray the good image of 3 strikes your out rule(s) – Does this apply to murders, manslaughter and federal offenses too?

Am I being to sarcastic?

Am I being too harsh?

Does this even matter?
Is it a financial reality?

If not, then how come the Jacksonville Jaguars have recently advertised a half off pricing for tickets?

Maybe they should recruit Michael Vick instead of cutting prices?

Of course, Vick will most likely end up playing a year in the new football league.

What better way for Vick to earn enough to pay off his debts…

Or for a new fledgling league to even generate enough interest and sales to get off the ground…

Or for the NFL to let him prove himself in addition to paying his dues and then bringing him up to the big leagues once he has passed probation and gone a whole year on good behavior.

That way they get to publicize the good image and recruit hype all at the same time!


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