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Friday, April 23, 2010

Boring Excitement

That is how I would describe Round 1.

The first half of round one was predictably boring.
The second half was definitely exciting.

The Commish is probably ecstatic too!
What better way to debut in prime time!

First off, the Skins after acquiring a perennial pro bowl caliber QB (Donovan McNabb) in free agency, picked perhaps the best athletic OL player available to help protect him.

Then two division rivals have the nerve to pick defensive players in the 1st round! Sheesh!

Thanks Jerry for picking a WR. We aren't impressed.

Secondly, I was actually impressed with the Broncos trading down and acquiring draft picks. Bravo!
Then they surprised everybody and picked Timmy!
Bravo again! He was not worth the 25th pick, in fact I bet he would have still been there at your 45th 2nd round turn but hey, Kudos for picking him and keeping him out of our division and even conference.
Hey, while you are at it, can you pick up Clausen and McCoy too!

Now I hear the rumors of Haynesworth going to the Vikings... Hey anything is possible. We could certainly us the picks.

I think I am actually liking this new prime time format.

Bravo Roger!


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