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Friday, April 16, 2010


This week we celebrated my oldest daughter’s confirmation. It was a wonderful event filled with excitement, celebration, good food, good friends and good stories.

One of the better stories was told by the bishop who was visiting from Juneau Alaska.

It goes something like this . . .

A little girl asked her father, “Daddy, where did human beings come from?”
Her father said, “Well, a long time ago, God created Adam and Eve. And Adam and Eve had children, and then their children had children, and so on, and so on, and that is how you and I came into being.”

A few days later, the same little girl was helping her mother with chores, and as children often do (play questions and answers off of each parent) asked her mother the same question.

Her mom said, “Well, a long time ago, there were these monkeys, who evolved, into other types of primates, who kept evolving and so on, and so on, until eventually becoming humans as we know them today. And that is how you and I came into being.”

The little girl was truly shocked and amazed by this answer and went running to find her father.

“Daddy! Remember when I asked you the other day where we came from, and you said we came from God?”

“Yes”, said her father.

“Well, I just asked Mommy the same question and she said Monkeys! How can that be?”

“Oh” said the father. “Well, that’s easy to explain.”

“You see, when you asked me where we came from, I naturally thought about my side of the family.”


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