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Saturday, April 24, 2010

First, Post Impressions...

Did not address their RB needs in the draft, so they go raiding. Obtaining two veterans (Leon Washington , LenDale White). Good acquisitions for the Seahawks!

Speaking of Raiding, the Raiders get 2 for 1. As in two Campbell's. Jason Campbell from the Washington Redskins who is far better than any QB Oakland currently has and …. Campbell from the University of Maryland who has a lot of talent and ability (with any luck) will develop into a fine NFL starter. Actually the Raiders picked up a couple good offensive linemen, so I think Jason will do just fine.

Finally got around to adding depth and talent to their offensive line. I just wish they had been able to do it before the 7th round. They also added a talented LB for the new 3 – 4 scheme , a TE and another WR. The TE was puzzling and I was thinking maybe he is a good blocker and they think he could move in or drop back as a pseudo halfback. Well, sure enough, Shanahan plans on having him compete for Fullback. I still don’t know why they picked the WR (he does not fit Shanahan prototype) but for some reason they liked him.

Why did the Redskins and Raiders trade Jason for a 2012 4th round pick? Not a pick this year (too deep a pool) not 2011, but 2012! Could it be because someone thinks there will be a lockout next year?

Speaking of QB’s.
I think Colt McCoy and Clausen landed very well in the draft with teams and organizations which could do them a world of good. Though Carolina probably feels better than Clausen does at the moment. Carolina really did not have a lot of good depth at QB before the draft, now they do.

And and speaking of having depth at QB?
Once McNabb was off the market, why did the Vikings wait until the 6th round to draft a QB?


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