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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recovery and Speculation...

OK, so I've recovered from insanity, sort of...

At least I've restored my blog theme back to the way it was.

So, in that respect, I've recovered.

However, my April watch lists seem to be quite speculative and perhaps investing in some of this is slightly crazy but here we go with the Fumbled Returns April Watch Lists.

Starting Lineup

QDEL - Quidel Corp
This is one from last years pandemic list and has shown some good strengthening in price lately.
ARQL - ArQule Inc
This is a bio tech company which has turned itself around and is showing promise.
ATSG - Air Transport Services Group Inc
An airline company that seems to be bucking the trend and showing profit.
EMAN - eMagin Corp
I hate 3D. But this company produces diodes and other optic and electronic parts that are necessary for the latest and greatest tech/AV craze. And as a result, its stock has been on a real rocket ride. Best of all, if this craze does take off, there is very little institutional money in this stock. Once they discover it, watch out!
GENT - Gentium SpA
Another Biotech/Pharm company that has posted good profits and expects positive cash flow for 2010; which is always a good thing.
IDSA - Industrial Services of America Inc
Recycled metals. Either an industry on the rebound or companies are targets for acquisitions (a competitor NGA was recently bought out). Either way, speculation wise, these are positive influences for a stock.
MFLX - Multi-Fineline Electronix Inc
This is actually one of my few pattern plays in that MFLX looks like it might be setting up for a breakout from a cup and handle pattern.
ZQK - Quiksilver Inc
A retail distributor that has more than profited from the rebound in the retail market and hopes that the economy has/is starting a recovery.
AAPL - Apple
ipad fever. Thats it.
FDO - Family Dollar
Recovery in the retail market along with continued unemployment and reduced wages are both positives for this retailer.


LINC - Lincoln Educational Services Corp
A stock that has fallen about 10% from recent 52week highs. Worth watching for a possible continuation of a rebound.
AFAM - Almost Family Inc
A left over from last month which has a good balance sheet and continued interest as a result of the Obamacare legislation.
COCO - Corinthian Colleges Inc.
A good well run educational company which stands to profit so long as folks are willing to return to school for added marketability in this troubled economy.
ENDP - Endo Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc
Speculation drove this stock up. A less than stellar quarterly report knocked it back down, but, it has bounced off of the low support level and all those speculators look like they are willing to keep this stock afloat.
IDCC - InterDigital Inc
A digital communications company whose stock has truly leveled off. Good news will drive it up. Bad news will pull it back down. I just can't decide which will happen first. Worth a watch but until definitive news, maybe pick one of my other listed stocks.
Another biotech/pharm company with FDA report due by the end of the month. Speculation and a good report will do wonders for this stock.
SNTA - Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp
Another speculative biotech/pharm company which is actually able to come close to profitability.
SNTS - Santarus Inc
ARO - Aeropostale
Wow! not another biotech/pharm company. Rather a well run retailer, with a recent good quarterly report, and a recovering economy. All positive signs.
GME - Game Stop
Between a good bounce off of record low price, speculations of a possible take over and the prospects of a recovering economy; this stock shot up well over 25% last month. Perhaps the hype, like the economic recovery, is not over.

Last month I hit two good quarterly reports (always a risky proposition during reporting season and a possible recession) and got lucky. FDO 12.5% and then ARO 10% netted me a +20% gain for March.

There are some carry overs from last months list(s) such as FDO, ARO, COCO, GME, AFAM; but lots of new speculative additions. Normally I hesitate to have too many eggs in one basket (biotech/pharm) but then again, I am never one to shy away from opportunity.

We shall see how things pan out for April.

Hope everyone had a great and joyous Easter weekend.


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