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Friday, April 2, 2010

Waiting Room

We've all been there...

It does not matter why. No matter if it is at the hospital, doctors, auto repair, or a lawyers office; we are always there because something happened, broke, or we put off too long.

It does not matter where. They all have moderately uncomfortable chairs, Muzak or infomercials, and a definite lack of reading material consisting of various entertainment magazines, auto mags (with reviews of cars I will never own)and or (God Forbid) professional trade mags.

Except, the last waiting room I was in.

Mixed in with all the other previously mentioned magazines was the February issue of Military Officer. This caught my eye first because I certainly was not expecting to see it and secondly it had a cover story about General Colin Powell. If you go to their site, you will find lots of interesting information not only about military personnel but also about many of the challenges affecting them and other Americans today, and of course, lots of great stories.

Anyway, stuck towards the back of the February Issue was a short story about Army ABC's.

Instead of hand typing it into my blog, or stepping you through how to find it (found under archives, February, page 84) online, I tried to copy it into a text format but failed, so here is a scanned image of the story. Hope it works...




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