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Sunday, June 28, 2009

League Evolution

OK, so I'm the commissioner of one fantasy football league.

I've done this for a few years now and it is interesting to see how it has changed over the years.

We have 12 teams and it started out as your basic head to head league with standard defaults enabled.

The first topic of discussion was the whole points allocated for QB passing yardage vs RB rushing yardage. Over the years I have tweaked the settings and think I am now at a decent point that everyone seems comfortable with.

TD Pass 6
Every 25 passing yards 1
300-399 yard passing game 3
400+ yard passing game 3
2pt Passing Conversion 2
Interceptions Thrown -2

TD Rush 6
2ptRushing Conversion 2
Every 10 rushing yards 1
100-199 yard rushing game 3
200+ yard rushing game 3

TD Reception 6
2pt Receiving Conversion 2
Every 10 receiving yards 1
100-199 yard receiving game 3
200+ yard receiving game 3

But I soon realized that I did not want my league to be just like everyone else.

So, I enabled DB's and DL's and tossed in return yardage and TD's just for fun.

Fumble Recovered for TD 6
Each Fumble Lost -2
Kickoff Return TD 6
Punt Return TD 6
Every 10 kickoff return yards 1
Every 10 punt return yards 1

We've basically been this way for the past two years.

Now, after last years feedback, people were looking for the following:

- More versatility with defense and offense.
- The possibility of 1 free trade or waiver transaction.
(Yes, this was proposed by the person who drafted Brady...)

So being the kind and gracious commish that I am and the consummate techie (I can't leave well enough alone); I have come up with the following...

- Enable both offensive and defensive utility player.
(this gives the added bonus of having an extra person on both sides from any position)
- I have allowed one free trade or transaction but ONLY during the pre-season.
- So, this means I have also moved by traditional draft date from right before season starts to the weekend before pre-season.

We'll see how everything plays out.

It will definitely be interesting!


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