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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Quest Through Darkness

That's the title of my daughters new game.

The other day I saw her working on a document and printing out some rather large background pictures.

I thought she was working on a project, but seemed to remember that with only two weeks of school left, all her projects were done.

So, like any good parent, I asked.

She is working on an idea of creating a role playing board game.
All by herself. Pretty cool. I can't wait to test play it.

This got me into thinking about way back in the old days, before the Internet, online MRPG's, and Playstations that I did this sort of thing too.

Back then we did a lot of the fantasy and strategy board games which can now be found in multiple variations on video games and online.

Two of my favorite were;
Squad Leader and RuneQuest.

The two games that I learned the following:

A) Never, no matter how cool it may look in movies, drive a tank through a building. (they have basements)
B) Never trust anyone who says, "Don't worry, I've done it plenty of times".

Then there was the sci-fi space game that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. But anyway, I digress...

We even tried to come up with a game or two ourselves and quickly realized how hard it truly is.

That is probably why I appreciated a couple very simple yet very fun games.
These were Car Wars and Illuminati.
Both by a company called Steve Jackson games.

So, as a reminiscing ol' fart that I am, I went on the Internet to see what I could find.

Amazingly enough, though I should not be surprised - because they were so good at what they did, Steve Jackson games is still alive and well.

Not only do they have pages about Illuminati and car wars

but they have a couple other cool looking games as well. Plus a few nonsense pages if you find yourself really bored.

And, they even have an online game that I might try.

But first, I will look forward to test playing my daughters game, then perhaps getting a couple Steve Jackson games like the new "Munchkins and GURPS".

Then the updated Illuminati and see if I can re-assemble the out of print car wars games for everyone here to play sometime.

Just for old times sake!


Sam June 4, 2009 at 8:48 PM  

I played "Squad Leader" a million times as a kid. "The Blue and the Gray" too.

All I can say is long live Avalon Hill! It might be old school, but there's nothing better than a good strategic board game.

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