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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I like underdogs.
I like the unknowns who make a name for themselves through hard work and determination. The ones without all the hype and fanfare.
The guys, or gals, who work hard, persevere and get a shot to make it big.

You can find these people in almost every sport.
Even on most every team.

As a result of the very recent MLB draft, the Nationals drafted two people in the first round.

1st pick, San Diego State's Stephen Strasburg.
10th pick, Stanford's Drew Storen.

Both pitchers, both good but Strasburg has all the hype and all the potential to be a multi-million dollar franchise player.

Drew is a good closer. Talented and already signed to a contract.

He is the one I am more interested in.
After all, the strength of the bullpen is very much defined by their ability to close out a win.
And that is what closers are supposed to do.
Unfortunately, they are often the ones forgotten, taken for granted...
The Underdog.

I think the Washington Capitals have one of the best farm/minor league systems in place for any franchise.

Recent events point towards some major changes in their organization.
Sergei Fedorov and Viktor Kozlov are contemplating lucrative deals in their native Russia; and enforcer Donald Brashear may follow them out the door.

The Hershey Bears have produced some of the more note worthy core Caps such as Mike Green, Brooks Laich, Tomas Fleischmann and David Steckel.
Not all of them came with the hype or the franchise expectations of Ovechkin.

They were, at one time, the underdogs, the unknowns.

Now there are a few others like John Carlson and Karl Alzner who played impressively for the Capitals this past season and are poised to be the next additions to the core Caps.

And last but not least...

The Washington Redskins:

There are two players who have come to mind recently.

First is Dorsey who never went to a big name school.

Is all of 5'7"
Bounced around in the CFL.
And now finally gets a shot at the NFL.


There is a good article about Keith Eloi in the Washington Post.

He is another relatively unknown, an underdog, who has worked hard and done what ever it takes to get noticed and playing in the NFL.

He is a good, quick and fast receiver whose performance on the practice field has impressed the coaching staff enough for them to offer him a contract.

He is also a good athlete who has a really good vertical jump. You know, one of the things that they look for at the scouting combines. Why, I am not 100% sure. But what I do know is that Keith and his buddies decided to showcase his ability on YouTube.

His performance was even good enough to get him noticed by "Hot Clicks".

I know, Hot Clicks is not known for it's in depth reading but it is good for a quick peek once in a while... ;-)

Anyway, here is the YouTube video.

Personally, I think jumping out of a pool is more impressive.
Regardless, hopefully he will be able to make a career out of playing in the NFL instead of YouTube videos.


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