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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taking Stock in Fathers Day

So, the other night my wife and I watch our first movie over the Internet via Netflix.

It worked out pretty well and I was actually impressed with the ease of service and viewing.

Oh, in case you are interested, we watched Bounce.

We watched it on her HP Entertainment PC which got me into thinking that I've been meaning to save up some dime and get myself an entertainment PC capable of playing games as well.

In fact I have had my eye on this one. It is an HP HDX18t laptop, but it may take me a while to save up enough dimes to actually purchase one.

But hey, it would be sooo cool.

Then my mind wondered over to other items I've been looking at recently.

Such as Blue Ray players. There are actually 3 that come to mind.

The Samsung BD P3600 has great features, like..
Network capability which will give you access to services such as Netflix and Pandora.
Good speed, display and tracking of graphics.

The LG BD390 is perhaps equally fast and feature rich but is generally a bit more expensive.

Then there is a blue ray device which would not only let me watch blue ray movies on my wide screen TV but also allow me to play video games as well.

That would be a Sony PlayStation.

Other, perhaps less big and less expensive "stuff" I've been thinking of and looking at lately have been Cell Phones, Cameras, and MP3 type devices that I could use to plug into my car stereo.

For right now, I am going with the smallest and cheapest route for the MP3 and that is the good old USB memory stick.

But since this post is, in part, about Fathers Day; lets think a little bigger...

Apple makes some really cool, hip, handy and useful electronic devices. Specifically the iPhone and iPod.

The iPhone 3gs comes out on June 19th just in time for Fathers Day. (Gee, what a coincidence...)
And runs on the AT&T network.

They also make the iPod touch. I just wish it had a camera.

There are other phones such as the LG enV3 which run on the Verizon network which I also like a lot.

Most everyone I know, except my oldest son, is on the Verizon Network and getting an LG would make sense since then I could call, text and email with most of my contacts at no extra charge.

Except Eric, he's such a rebel...

Of course I have mentioned a ton of stuff here in the post. Yes, I could talk about even more, but these are the things, the stuff, I've been looking at lately, dreaming about; but not being able to afford just yet.

So, if you are like me, perhaps an alternative to buying these products for Fathers Day, would be to buy the stocks. This could be a unique gift idea.

So, with that in mind, here is my Fathers Day Stock List.

Stocks such as LG, and Samsung are difficult to invest in. They are not traditionally listed on the NYSE. So one alternative is to try and buy through a broker such as Etrade. They have recently expanded to international trading markets.
Another is to invest in an ETF such as:

iShares S.Korea Index - EWY
Rounding out the rest of the list are:
Sony - SNE
Netflix - NFLX
Apple - AAPL
Verizon - VZ
and a place where you can buy each and everyone of these products...
BestBuy - BBY

Happy Trading and Happy Fathers Day!


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