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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snyder introduces Allen

Here is the out take from the Washington Post and the Insider Blog.

Allen on Coach Jim Zorn: "I met today with Jim Zorn. Told him what we're going to try to do in the next few weeks. We're going to have some more meetings and discuss the future."

Good DC PC Answer! You'll fit in just fine and handle the press!!!

Allen's impressions about the Redskins: "From afar, I like their talent. They have a nice core of talent here. That's attractive. They have some young players whose futures are extremely bright."

Why do I immediately think of Timbuk 3?

I hope this is not like the JD Power award for "initial quality"? First impression is good but once you get right down to it your Porsche is just another VW...

But I like the shades and bright future reference...

And he is right, there is good talent... What we need is a plan. And some chemistry.

On having the title of general manager, something that hasn't happened with the Redskins under Snyder: "I really cant speak for what's occurred in the past. I'm very comfortable with it. The Redskins will have a common goal," which is bringing in good players and winning.

BINGO! A solid 10 for an answer... To bad Snyder is still living in the Past and plucked another Redskin Family Name to squander...

Snyder interjected that this is something he's been thinking about for a while.

Thinking and doing are not the same thing Danny Boy...

On the team's record: "I've seen the games, but I obviously haven't felt the pain that's been associated with 4-9. Starting today, I feel the pain."

Hmmm, starting today which I take it means from here on out. I definitely get the impression that he will not be trying to pass off what he inherited as an excuse.

On why he came in now, Allen said he wants to begin to build a plan and get ready for 2010. That's why coming in now, with three weeks left, was appealing to him, Allen said.

Yeah I know all the conspiracy theory people. These are the same people who said Lewis was only Shanahan's scout and now they are saying the same thing about Gruden...

Did he mention having a plan? Good.

Snyder: "Obviously this has been a very disappointing season. We disappointed everybody. Ourselves, fans." With everything that happened, it was time for change.


On Jon Gruden and replacing Jim Zorn: "We don't have an opening at that position...Jim Zorn is our coach...give us some time to see our relationship develop."

God I just love the press. They love to spin the namesake and the conspiracy!

Hey, there is that "chemistry" reference from Mr. Allen himself ... You know I think he gets it.

Snyder: Bruce has the authority. When Bruce makes the decision, it's a Redskins decision.

What? OK I'm glad I was sitting down for this one and on this side of the screen! (helps conceal the laughter and smirks)

Mr. Allen, I hope you are as good at deflecting Dan and his suggestions as you are at handling the press.

If so, then everyone's future will be bright! Now, where did I put those sunglasses...

Snyder on Vinny Cerrato and whether he was offered a lesser position in the organization: "The best way to put it is it was time for a change."

No argument there.

Snyder and Allen would not directly address reports about Mike Shanahan being the leading candidate for the head-coaching job; Snyder indicated that a decision about Zorn's future will be made by Allen. Snyder indicated that the Redskins interviewed several candidates for the GM job.

Two references in the same conference that Mr. Allen is in charge?
Wow, maybe change really has come.

But I reserve judgement until this time next year...


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