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Monday, December 21, 2009

We want your brain...

NFL to Players: Please Donate Your Brains.

OK, so not to be little this too much, I do realize that this is important for players and the NFL....

But, exactly what are they trying to do here and shouldn't studies such as this be expanded to include other sports, owners, coaches and even fans?

And shouldn't the effects of drugs and other factors be taken into consideration?

And what about just excessive stress and all the "stress relief" products out on the market?

Such as this one...

After all, lets look at some of the symptoms of brain injury...

Any brain function can be disrupted by brain trauma:

excessive sleepiness,
difficulty concentrating,
impaired memory,
faulty judgment,
emotional outbursts,
disturbed sleep,
diminished libido,
difficulty switching between two tasks,
and slowed thinking.

This could explain a lot.

Based on symptoms alone, I think we could apply this study to any number of "bad" Teams, Coaches, Owners and yes even fans...

Such as...

The Cleveland Browns.

The New Jersey Nets.

The Washington Nationals.

Mike Martz.

I'm sure people could think of at least a few others.

And of course, sometimes the players are their own worst enemies...

Here are two examples...

One from this past weekend where Flozell Adams shows how to tackle Marion Barber...

And this classic Redskin Moment...

Makes you wonder...What were they thinking!!!


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