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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today is the day...

That you are either complaining that you were robbed of a championship
that you are boasting how great you are.

When in reality, you are just lucky...
or not.

See, when it comes to fantasy football, you never know how things are going to turn out.

In the borderless league championship game, the final outcome rested in the hands of the winners and losers of Monday Night Football.

And once again, Brett Favre and the Vikings CHOKED!

And once again, the east coast lost to the west coast...

Oh well, it really was a great season and we had lots of firsts for the league over the course of the season.

In fact we already have some firsts for next season lined up. Such as Franchise Players, and Draft order based on final standings.

One thing I have already noticed is that the default consolation brackets on ESPN negate the over all records and standings of the bottom 6 teams.

The way it is set now, whomever does the worst in the consolation brackets ends up being in last place, regardless of the overall record. Which means you get first pick in the draft next year. This gives the non-playoff teams an incentive to lose each and every single one of the last three games.

Of course, as commish, I can over ride this and do as I please but we do have a league discussion board where ideas, suggestions and complaints are recorded and discussed in an open format.

(I give everyone the false hope that their opinion really does matter).

It actually could be fun to see how badly one could make your team choke but ultimately this could distort the balance, standings and draft picks for next year.

So the current last place team with a record of 4 - 9 in the regular season lost all three consolation rounds and now gets 1st pick in the draft. As apposed to the worst regular season record of 1 - 12 team is actually 3rd in the draft because somehow they managed to win one of the last three games.

I already know this is going to be an active discussion board in the post season.

I really love this stuff!


Dave Miller December 30, 2009 at 12:42 PM  

Once again, I lost in the Championship game.

I was hoping the third time would be the charm, but alas, no.

Your point is well taken, it really is a lot about luck!

Happy New Year.

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