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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Tommy vs. Yanni Bowl

So, this is the championship weekend for my Borderless Fantasy Football League.

This is the league I commish and set up a few years back with folks from work and is comprised of 12 teams, 2 divisions (East and West) with 6 teams in each.

Over the years we have tried different things in the league and it has been really exciting to see it evolve into what it is today.

And true to form, we have a survey poll already out there with about 6 or 7 different "suggestions" for next year.

One thing that has struck me is, no matter what rule changes we implement, we always have an even split of representation in both the playoffs and championship.

Because of the way the league is set up, Division winners get in (with a first round bye), all others slots are determined by records and points; it is technically possible that a particular division could sweep the brackets and pit two teams from the same division against each other for the championship.

This has never happened.

This year we have the newbie (Tommy), East Coast, going up against (Yanni), West Coast, who has never been in the playoffs before.

They were ranked 4th and 2nd going into the playoffs, so we did have some upsets. Including one at my expense...

But I did get some payback in that I did get top score this past week in the consolation brackets. Too bad it did not really count for anything except a little extra cash.

So, here's to hoping that east coast Tommy, AKA Leonard Nimoys Children defeats west coast Yanni, AKA Team Edumuction and brings the league trophy back to the right coast.

Next, I will have to see how the voting goes on the suggestions, decide which ones I like, and then, more importantly, I have to decide who to keep as my "Franchise Player".

Oh ...Decisions..... Decisions...


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