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Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun Strip Friday

There was this Phineas and Ferb page on facebook that had a joke contest earlier this week.

If you know the old golf joke about the golfer pausing for a moment of silence as the hearse went by, then you know which joke won.

I thought it was lame.

Here are some of the others that I liked better...

A man was taking a survey and asked a woman this question:
Man: Do you have sex?
Woman: Excuse me, That’s my business!
Man: Oh, so you’re a professional...

How many ‘D’s are there in Indiana Jones?
First person answered: 1
Next person answered: 1
Correct again!
Next person answered: 33
Huh? how in the world did you ever come up with that?
Da DaDaDaa dadada Da dadadaa dadadaaa ...

A husband and wife were vacationing in the holy land when the wife suddenly died.
The mortician said we can send her back with you to the states for $5,000 or
We can give her a beautiful burial here in the holy land for $150.
The husband thought about this for a while and said, send her back for $5000.
The mortician asked why?
Well, a long time ago you guys buried someone here and he came back to life.
I just don’t want to take the chance...

A brunet walked up to a magical mirror and proclaimed that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
At this, the mirror swooshed her into a vortex because she was lying.
A redhead walked up to the mirror and said that she was the most beautiful!
Same thing, swoosh!
A blond walked up to the mirror and said,
I think ...


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