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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My new look...

Sort of.

OK so there is justice after all. Remember how I said I hated last Friday and all the crazy selling then buying that went on with my stock POZN? And how after hours trading was up 20%...

Well by the time Monday morning rolled around that 20% was back down to a 10% gain and by the time all was said and done by 4:00pm Monday...

A 4% loss!!!

Anyway, I'm over that now and moving on to my May watch lists and minor revisions to my blog.

I am now attempting to keep track of my goals on the right side lines as well as links to my "Charting Success" web site.

I don't know about the rest of you but I happen to like keeping track of stuff like goals and objectives and milestones out where I can see them, and in this case, where everyone else can see them too!

My May Watch Lists have a new interesting twist to them. This time around, all of my starting lineup picks are reporting quarterly results this month.

Some people say that one should avoid trading during a stocks reporting season or time since reports and stock prices are based upon speculation and expectations. A stock or company can have a successful and profitable quarter business wise yet, if it does not meet or beat expectations, then not meeting those numbers can send the stock price tumbling even though the company did well.

Conversely, a stock price can be inflated due to unreasonable expectations only to come crashing back down from the reality of an accurate report.

To put it in terms that sport fans can understand,

its kind of like routing for the Minnesota Vikings...


The Washington Capitals...

or (conversely)

Even the Washington Redskins...


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