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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time for a time out?

I could just take my year to date investment gains and just sit on the side lines.

After all , my goal was something like 24% return, and I have reached that already.

And for anybody else currently in the stock market, pulling out now and holding on to cash may not be a bad idea.

From European Debt crisis, to Gulf Gooo, to Failed fail safes, and circumventing reporting and documentation guidelines, the stock market certainly looks scary right about now.

Unfortunately, the current state of the world economy and the stock market , corporate America, and most everything in general reminds me that everyone seems to to be behaving like a bunch of monkeys. Namely these monkeys.

And that is never a good situation.

But I still have a couple stock ideas that just might pan out so I think I will at least keep my feet in the mix and make sure that I have those stop loss orders in place to protect my investments.

I am currently invested in two companies, volatile Bio Pharm KERX and a weapons company RGR. Both KERX and RGR were setting up for an upswing before the whole bottom of the stock market, and the Greek Debt crisis caught hold of everybodys attention. Since then neither has broken upwards but neither has significantly fallen, yet.

Two stocks which report this week are ARO and CPWM.

ARO is a good strong company that I expect to give a decent quarterly report, however, recent data and retail sales statistics indicate that although the retail sector is no longer going down, it may still have a long way to go before it truly goes back up. CPWM has also weathered the recent turmoil well and could be ready to go back up with a good report.

Of course, this is all dependent on IF the markets don’t panic again and continue the downward trends.

With consumer and investor confidence low, and mixed recession ending data being reported, these are all really big IF’s.

So, stand by for a bumpy ride.


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