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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Strasburg Hype

Stephen Strasburg baseball card tops $17,000 mark on eBay.

WOW! All that for a guy, OK so yes he is pretty good at throwing around that baseball, who has yet to pitch a single major league game. Let alone win one.

I know, I know, he will...

And there have been plenty of rumors going around as to when he will make his debut.

First it was speculated that it would be at the Friday June 4th game. This promptly started a rush on ticket sales which nearly sold out the game.

Now another rumor has him potentially starting during the next home stand June 8 - 10th. I bet tickets for those lowly weekday games have suddenly seen an uptick.

I bet good ol' Ebayers are not the only ones who know how to get the most bang for the buck on something that has not even happened yet.

Unfortunately all this hype and rumor mill activity is causing some fans distress at having potentially paid a lot of money to "not be there when".

The Nationals Front Office has of course not released any formal date for Strasburg or admitted to any authenticity to any rumors...

How much do you want to bet that there will be another rumor for him starting later in June....

BTW: I too have June tickets to a Nationals Game. Not for Strasburg, or hype, but for my 9 year old, (soon to be 10), birthday on June 6th.

He gets to bring along a best friend, other than me..., to enjoy the game and hopefully catch some fly balls and autographs.

I can't wait...

Oh, and just in case anybody from the Nationals organization is reading this, I wouldn't mind you fooling everybody and starting Strasburg on Sunday June 6th. Not for me of course...

For my sons birthday!

Thanks and see you at the Park!


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