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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Temptation

Is Gone...

You see, for the past 10 days; and I might add, 10 beautiful sunny spring like 70 - 80 degree days, a used Harley Sportster

Similar to this one...

was siting out here at this very spot.

For Sale.

I passed it nearly twice everyday.

Once, just before getting onto the highway on my way to work and STOPPING in rush hour traffic while watching all the HOV riders, Prius and other Motorcycles zoom by in the "special" lanes...

And once just after getting off of the highway, on my way home, after having been STOPPED in rush hour traffic yet again watching the very same people zoom by yet again...

Of course I really know that I would never be crazy enough to actually buy one, but the thought has occurred to me once in a while. Especially when gas prices start going up...

But the thought of sharing the road a 60mph with 2 tons of moving steel that is protecting somebody else! while I'm on a bike just does not appeal to me all that much.

Besides, Motorcycles, along with over-bred German Shepherds and Guns, are the top 3 things I know I am not allowed to bring home.

So I will keep the memories of riding dirt bikes and mini bikes off road when I was a fearless teenager safely in my dreams and smile knowing I survived and had fun.

But hey, that Harley was tempting while it lasted.


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