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Monday, May 10, 2010

Leaders Choose

Who they are going to go to :

for advice
to get the job done
to make a difference

Today President Obama is going to, or rather announced, his choice for the next supreme court justice.

He picked a colleague, someone he has worked with before and feels confident and comfortable with about being able to make a difference and get the job done.

(I’m not going to discuss the possible controversies here)

Shanahan and Allen are the new leaders of the Washington Redskins.

They have consistently chosen people they have worked with in the past and who, are leaders and or will get the job done.

Take the new look of the Redskins Backfield.

Each one of these guys, when healthy, will get the job done. Granted, they may not represent the power back necessary for an entire season anymore, but collectively they should last 16 games and perform well.

Donovan McNabb was brought in to provide instant on the field and off the field leadership and talent to not only the offense but to the entire team. He currently has all the key players on speed dial, including Sir Albert.

The one thing I read which caught my attention recently was when there was a rumor about T.O. coming to town; One of the first things Donovan did was contact Devon Thomas.

Not Santana Moss.

Not Malcolm Kelly.

Is it because Devon is becoming one of Donovan’s go to guys? Or someone who Donovan sees as having good potential but needs to be kept under wing in order to grow in confidence?

Of course it is still too early to tell, and with McNabb being as good as anybody at tossing the ball around to different people, it will be very interesting to see who he picks as his “go to” guy on the offense.

But, it got me thinking . . .

Could it be Devon Thomas?


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