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Monday, May 24, 2010

Fumbled Contest Questions and Ideas

So the question(s) about what did I have in mind for the contest(s) has come up.

Good question.

If one thinks about watch lists and stock picking contests, one usually has a fixed amount of “income” or “play money” to invest in a portfolio of your choice. During the course of the contest, one can “buy” and “Sell” stocks to build your portfolio. At the end of the given amount of time, the one with the most money wins. This is probably the format I would use for any stock picking contest.

In theory, this could translate into a fantasy football league.
Some possibilities are:

Auction League: Each owner has a certain amount of play money each week or month or for the entire season to spend on a team / players. This could really make budgeting, trading and planning interesting.

- I’ve never been in one of these before nor have I commished one either. But hey, the goals to this contest are to learn and have fun.
- So I would be open to this idea.

Points League: There are a lot of possibilities with this one from just overall points scored to even picking best matchups.

- I have been in a “points” league before but for some reason do not favor them as much as the head-to-head or even Survivor/Elimination leagues.

Survivor or elimination league: Lowest scoring team each week is eliminated.

- Probably not the best choice for this since I would like to try and maintain participation, dialog among all participants.

Then again, there is always the standard types of leagues of head to head (best record wins) which could allow for trades and such, just without the “money” constraints.

In recap, I am open to all suggestions but I guess I had either and Auction League or Head-to-Head league as my top two possibilities.

Feel free to sign up and a post comments, questions and suggestions.


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