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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Game Plan

OK, I already know the Redskins 2009 game plan.

Stifle the opponents’ offensive unit, try to create some big plays on special teams, and give our offense a nice short field.

The Redskins 2009 draft supports this. It does not support the Offensive unit.

If our coach was George Allen or Vince Lombardi, then I’d say this fits perfectly, and we can look to lots of 3-0 victories.

We have Coach Zorn, not that he is bad, but his style is more west coast. And the Redskins have done absolutely nothing to help his offense during the draft. No offensive linemen to help protect the QB or enable the receivers to completely run their routes, or give Portis and the other RB’s more lanes, more options to gain some yardage.

First of all, I don’t think the skins totally blew it. They did get an outstanding DE with Orakpo. Unfortunately, both he and Michael Oher (OT) were on the board and both can and will make an immediate impact. I just wanted to see at least one OL prospect drafted.

So, let’s look at what they did and what they could have done.

3rd round. Before their pick, Kevin Barnes (CB), 4 out of 5 picks were OL. And after him, 5 out of 7 were WR. No more OL were drafted in the 3rd round after the Redskins Pick. Maybe the only worthwhile OL to draft that high were already gone. If so, maybe they should have looked to move up a few spots? But they have so few picks that they cannot do this effectively.
Kevin Barnes seems to fit the mold of aggressive, hit them hard DB’s. So I am willing to give this pick a chance. I just wonder if he is big enough to hold up in the NFL at this position playing the way he does.

The 5th round is where I have some questions.
Redskins pick… Cody Glenn (LB) - Tagged as a good athletic special teams player who is aggressive and can make the tackles. OK, so I see the reasons why they picked him, even though he is small for a LB.

But there were a slew of other good developmental prospects for the OL at this point in the draft.

How much you want to bet that at least a few of these guys will be quality linemen that the Redskins will covet in a few years and trade away a couple high round picks to get.

Cody Glenn
Xavier Fulton
Garret Reynolds
Fenuki, Tupou
Jamon Meredith
Duke Robinson
Herman Johnson
George Bussey

6th Round – I admit, I really do not see anybody who would be able to positively help the redskins. Maybe they see something in this guy that I don’t.

7th Round – I understand that Eddie Williams fits the H-back role well. But the Skins have Sellers, so again, maybe the skins know something I don’t.

And for their last pick, Marko Mitchell… I actually think he was a good choice with lots of potential that they don’t have to pay a lot to find out.

So, like I said, I don’t think they totally blew it. But I just think they could have done better in the middle rounds; especially the 5th!

This 2009 Redskins draft strategy seems to bring two of my favorite quotes to mind…

“I hate it when I am right”…
“I hope they proof me wrong”!


Sam April 27, 2009 at 8:03 PM  

Whatever happens, Doug, just remember it's all Chris Meidt's fault. I think Meidt is still an offensive assistant with the Skins. I played against him in high school. I hate him. So it's all his fault if something goes wrong!

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