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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Review - Stock List Update

OK, so here we are at the end of yet another month and time for my stock review.


As I foresaw, just like my 2008 fantasy football team, my bench (cut list) out performed my active list. 16% vs 4%. That's right, my active watch list tallied an anemic 4% return vs a great 16% return on my cut list.

However looking at the month in review there is a lot to point out and talk about such as entry and exit points.

For instance, I made two trades for the month of March off of my active watch list.
Mindray (MR) and GameStop (GME).
I bought MR on 3/3 and sold on 3/16 for nearly a 12% return.
I bought GME on 3/17 and sold on 3/31 for a 15% return.

So even though my over all list only managed 4% and each of my actively traded stocks only recorded approximately 5% and 6% respectively for the entire month of March; I was able to book double digit returns because I tracked moving patterns and looked for good entry points into each, I was able to take advantage of bigger swings.

The chart below shows MR (in Red) and GME (in Blue). MR was in a decent ascending pattern during the first part of the month, while GME got hammered by news that Amazon was entering the used game trade in market. I actually was tempted to jump to GME earlier but at the time of their fall, MR was still in a good rising pattern. Once MR appeared to peak, I waited for another pull back in GME as an entry point which happened mid month.

Over all I seem to still be doing pretty well with my luck in investments still continuing strong and my over all watch lists are still beating the industrial averages.

I'll run my screens again as soon as I can to come up with an April watch list.


Sam April 1, 2009 at 11:51 AM  

So is this like the equivalent of picking up Kevin Curtis for one big game of 221 yards receiving and 3 TDs and then trading him the next week for Andre Johnson?

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