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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Swine Flu Recovery Plan

Breaking News!

In an effort to promote the recovery of the World Economy, the Federal Government with cooperation from the BIG 8 and the United Nations, have endorsed the Swine Flu Pandemic!

What better way to stimulate the economy than produce demand for a particular set of products!

And of course the media is more than willing to spin this story because it increases viewer populations, which opens up more marketing demographics, which increases revenue and promotes consumer spending!

Think, vaccines, medical tests, deliver companies, cleaning products, grocery and pharmacy stores!

And this goes way beyond the run up of stocks we have seen lately in medical and pharmaceutical companies!

Major corporations are now planning pandemic preparedness programs. These enable telecommuting, which adds to communication vendor revenue; and of course you need all the IT equipment to go along with it, so this adds to IT vendor revenue!

All without spending significant tax payers dollars!

So, what other stimulus packages can we expect in the near future?

New Real Estate Markets and Investment opportunities! Global warming!
Higher temperatures and harmful radiation.

This also stimulates rising ocean levels. Yes we will loose valuable current ocean front but think of the possibilities!

New ocean front opportunities!
New Vacation spots!
New high rise buildings!....

This is huge!

Yes, devastating, yet strangely stimulating all at the same time!

Makes one wonder what is next....?


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